Your car’s cooling system plays a vital role in cooling down the engine bay as it heats up. It is equally important to have your system serviced on a regular basis. Delaying a cooling system service can result in an overheated engine. In the cases of frozen engine fluids, your vehicle may not start at all. Dana Tire & Auto Service offers regular cooling system maintenance to ensure that your car is working with optimum performance.

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Another crucial auto care service is a radiator inspection, maintenance, and repair. If your radiator is not in good running condition, your engine may overheat faster. An expert auto mechanic can inspect your radiator for any leakage. Dana Tire & Auto Service is the trusted Austin mechanic that provides reliable radiator replacement services. We are 100% guaranteed family-owned and operated with over 65 years of service in the Arizona auto repair industry.

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Dana Tire & Auto Service can prepare your vehicle for any weather condition. We make sure that you are kept warm inside your car in winter and cool enough in summer. Prepare your vehicle for heat, dust, traffic jams, and breaking down with preventive maintenance services. We recommend a comprehensive inspection of the battery, belts, hoses, wiper blades, and tires as well as tail lights, turn signals, headlights, and coolant systems. Your trusted technicians at Dana Tire & Auto Service also performs the same services for winterizing your vehicle. We will also check the exhaust system for leaks and check fluids.

Cooling System Repair


Do you feel your engine hotter than usual during operation? If after you start your engine the temperature increases as you drive, your vehicle’s cooling system may not be in the best condition. Moreover, if you spot green or orange fluid under your vehicle, this could be tell-tale signs that your cooling system needs to be checked. An expert technician can inspect your vehicle and perform an antifreeze or coolant flush and fill if needed. This is a quick auto maintenance procedure that is cost-effective, saving you money in future auto repair and a complete vehicle breakdown. Dana Tire & Auto Service also performs fluid exchange services, so the ideal level of fluids is maintained. Ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers on the road with a cooling system service and repair to avoid freezing, overheating, and premature corrosion of your cooling system.

What is Included in a Comprehensive Evaluation of Heating and A/C System?

Before we tell you that you need a radiator replacement, we inspect and correctly diagnose the problem first. Included in our system evaluation are:

  • Examination of the internal controls and blower
  • Checking the radiator coolant operating temperature, thermostat, pressure radiator cap, and hoses.
  • Inspection of the compressor belt
  • Inspection of seals and the whole system for leaks and other damages
  • Conducting a cooling system pressure test
  • Verify that the A/C pressure meets the manufacturer specifications
  • Check the interior vent air temperature

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