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Do you hear your brakes vibrating, pulsating or grinding when you press down on the brake pedal? Have the confidence of a smooth braking with a pad replacement. Dana Tire & Auto Services offers honest brake repair services and oil changes. We are also highly-trained in brake pad replacement.



For over 60 years, Dana Tire & Auto Service has been the go-to for reliable and honest brake repair and replacement services. We are highly-skilled and experienced brake technicians. We also have the right equipment and auto parts for both domestic and international brake systems. Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable in brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, power brake booster, brake master cylinder, drum brakes, electronic anti-brake sensors, and disc brakes. Our Chandler brake pros are knowledgeable about every part of the brake system. We can handle brake repair on any car make and model.

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions why your car needs a particular service. At Dana Tire & Auto Service, our auto professionals are patient and knowledgeable. They will correctly diagnose the problem and educate you with the parts, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your brakes. Here are some common brake problems that call for an immediate brake repair:

  • You hear grinding or constant squealing when braking
  • The brake pedal is slow to respond or spongy
  • The brake dashboard light is red. A system imbalance may be the problem.
  • The brake dashboard light is amber. The anti-lock brake system may have problems.

Chandler Brake Service & Break Repair Arizona

    • Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement– Squealing brakes almost always signifies a brake pad problem. If you hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, this could mean that your brake pads have completely deteriorated and it’s time to take your car to a trusted mechanic. You risk damaging your rotors or drums if you go without a brake pad and shoe replacement.


    • Resurface Rotors– If you have squealing or wobbling problems every time you break, you may have a damaged rotor. Resurfacing can bring the rotor back to optimum working condition. Our expert technician will give you an honest and complete inspection and the right service.


    • Caliper Replacement– You may be experiencing uneven braking and your car sliding forward when you brake. This can be tough to control especially in bad weather conditions. Our trusted mechanics can fix your brake calipers and inspect the brake pads and rotor as well.


    • Brake Hoses– If you are experiencing lagging or slowing brake, you may have a crushed hose dilemma. Otherwise, you could have a leak in the rake hose which can ultimately cause the entire brake system to shut down. A car inspection can check the brake hose for signs of wear and cracks so that an appropriate replacement will be done before the problem gets worse.


    • Brake Fluid Flushes– Over time, the brake fluid can become corrosive and damage the brake system. A regular brake fluid flush is important to ensure your vehicle utilizes fresh fluid.


    • Anti-Lock Brake System– Are you worried about skidding and losing control of your brakes? When the ABS light comes on, bring your car to a trusted local auto shop to diagnose and fix the problem right away.


Honest & Reliable Brake Repair in Arizona

Car owners want to have confidence in their auto mechanic before entrusting their car to them. We understand this. That is why Dana Tire & Auto Service is committed to high-quality workmanship and the best equipment for repairs and replacements. Give us a call at 480-963-4534. We fix brakes from Mondays to Saturdays.

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Dana Tire & Auto Service is a local company you can count on. We provide excellent car maintenance services every day, except Sunday, our family day. Schedule a car repair and maintenance appointment from Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. We are looking forward to providing you the best car service in Arizona!


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