Automotive Fluid Change Services In Chandler.

The fluids in your car or truck keep it operating correctly. Like most systems on your vehicle they need to be cleaned and replaced. Automotive fluids should be flushed and replaced to keep your vehicle. Making sure they are changed at the correct intervals ensures a long life span of your engine and transmission. Dana Tire & Auto Service offers fluid change service and oil changes for most makes and models. Everything from coolant, transmission, brake system and power steering fluid flushes.


Automotive Fluid Change and Flush Service in Chandler Arizona

For over 60 years, Dana Tire & Auto Service has been the go-to for automotive fluid change in Chandler, AZ. We are highly-skilled and experienced technicians. We also have the right equipment and will utilize OEM fluids for both domestic and international transmission, cooling, power steering, and brake systems. We can handle fluid changes on any car make and model.

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Fluid Change Specialists in Chandler, AZ

Don’t be afraid to ask questions why your car needs a particular service. At Dana Tire & Auto Service, our auto professionals are patient and knowledgeable. They will correctly diagnose the problem and educate you with the parts, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your car or truck. Here are some common fluids you should change that keep your car running:

  • Engine Oil
  • Radiator and Cooling System coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake System Fluid

Chandler Fluid Change & Power Flush Services

    • Cooling System Power Flush–  Cooling system service should be performed at least every 3 years to flush contamination, avoid corrosion problems and protect the car’s radiator and engine. This will help avert unnecessary expensive repairs. Price range from $79.95-$109.95 depending on type and specialized coolant required.
    • Transmission Fluid Power Flush–  Transmission fluid power flush should be performed every 80,000 miles in the extreme hot Arizona climate. This is one of the most neglected and yet most important maintenance on a motor vehicle. We utilize full synthetic fluids which will protect and prolong the life of your transmission, avoiding premature and costly replacement. Price range from $159.95-$249.95 depending on level of flush/service performed and fluid type required.
    • Brake System Flush–  Brake system flush service is very important maintenance that should be performed approximately every 80,000 miles. Brake fluid by it’s nature absorbs moisture, which if neglected will cause contamination, corrosion, and damage within the expensive brake and ABS components, greatly adding to repair costs. With something as important as your car’s brakes, for safety’s sake it is very important to keep the brake system in proper working order. Price is $74.95.
    • Power Steering Fluid Power Flush–   Often forgotten about, power steering fluid can become contaminated and dirty, which can cause expensive component failure and unnecessary repair costs. Price is $69.95
    • Fuel System Service–   Recommended by most manufacturers every 30,000 miles.This is a 2 part process targeting cleaning of the fuel injectors, engine valves, and top end of the engine system. When these parts get dirty and “coked up”,  power, efficiency, and fuel mileage can drop dramatically. Neglect with this maintenance can cause check engine light on and emission test failure issues as well. Price is $99.95.
      *For customers wanting to combine multiples of these power flush services, for every 1 purchased at full price, we will then deduct $10 off each additional flush when performed at the same time. Or $50 off if all 5 flushes are performed at the same time.
      **Disclosures: Most vehicles included. Some exceptions may apply. Shop supplies and tax extra

Honest & Reliable Fluid Power Flush Service in Chandler Arizona

Car owners want to have confidence in their auto mechanic before entrusting their car to them. We understand this. That is why Dana Tire & Auto Service is committed to high-quality workmanship and the best equipment for repairs and replacements. Give us a call at 480-963-4534. We offer automotive fluid changes from Monday to Friday.

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